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Free Standing Wash Troughs

The Island wash trough is manufactured in one piece and is provided with a tap landing on each side, pairs of tap holes for deck mounted taps, 38mm (1½" BSP) flush grated waste fittings to one end and adjustable feet,

The Circular wash trough is available as a 4, 6 or 8 station unit, and is provided with non concussive hand push taps, integral soap dispensers and a thermostatic blending valve concealed within the base unit (the base unit can be removed from the trough for installation if access is restricted).

2 versions are available, a bottom inlet version for under floor service entry, and a top inlet version where services are routed vertically downwards through the central column (The floor to ceiling height must be specified with order on this model as the central column is made to suit).

The Semi Circular wash trough is suitable for use by up to 4 persons and has the same specification as the Circular Wash Trough detailed above. The bottom inlet version of this model is also suitable for services entering through the back wall.

Please email or telephone our sales department for prices.

PLEASE NOTE: The Circular Wash Trough now has a single soap container as pictured below, not seperate dispensers as shown in our Product Guide.

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Island Wash TroughCircular Wash Trough Optional Top Inlet ColumnCircular Wash Trough Taps and Soap Dispensers Circular Wash Trough Access PanelSemi Circular Wash TroughCircular Wash Trough

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